Choosing a Car Top Carrier – Aspects to take care of

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If you are planning to go for a vacation with family in your own car then one thing that you must consider purchasing is car top carrier. It can be fixed to the exterior of the car and is used to place the luggage. This will give more space to your family and you all will travel more comfortably. It can be compared to an additional trunk you are having. The dilemma now is which one to select from when lots of models are available in the market.



Types of carrier

  1. 1. Soft carrier:- it is equipped with a durable bag which is used for storing and it also makes the size of the carrier very small so as to easily store it in the trunk. It needs to place between the carrier and rooftop of the vehicle.
  2. 2. Hard carrier:- It will give you lots of space for storage. The shape of the hard carrier is aerodynamic and is also waterproof and durable. It is mounted on roof racks of the car.



Things to keep in mind while purchasing 

Whichever car top carrier you choose the thing you should keep in mind is that it should not only weather resistant but also waterproof. By the term waterproof, it means that it should remain dry even you travel your car at high speed in heavy rain.

Car top carrier made up of vinyl coated polyester material is the best. As this material is not only thick but is also possess good resistance from cuts and tears. Additionally, this fabric is very durable, welded and waterproof. Nylon material should be avoided as it may rot in the sun.

At last Carrier with zip closure can also be chosen. But zip should be coated it urethane to prevent it from rusting. Alternatively, you can also choose a zipper which is covered with a flap.